ROCKETCLOCK is a small device that updates the state of the crypto market, and the USD exchangerate of 10 coins, every 5 minutes on an e-ink paper display. It's also a device that automatically keeps track of the performance of your portfolio, and builds a history.

You can access your portfolio on your local network through your phone (web interface), adjust your portfolio, or consult charts (based on your portfolio data). If this crowdfund reaches 50 ETH in donations, all code will be released as open source on Github. 75 ETH is needed to complete the crowdfund, and distribute downloads. The device is currently operational on my desk, so the crowdfund is mainly to cover the development that already went into the product. The portfolio software can be used on any device that has python 3.6+ installed.
Every contribution less than 0.25 ETH will be considered a donation. Every contribution above 0.25 ETH will yield a token that can be exchanged for a download of a completely configured Raspbian Buster lite img file of rocketclock. Burn it on a microSD, plug in and go.

Please be aware that you will need to buy a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ and a waveshare e-ink shield to use the software on the img. Most functionality is written in Python 3.
The price is 0.15 ETH, but you need to send 0.25 ETH.
0.10 ETH acts as collateral, and will be returned to you when you send your token in exchange for a download. In case the download is not delivered on time, you will be able to withdraw your ENTIRE ETH DEPOSIT. The download form will be added to this site after the deadline. Please read the crowdfund smart contract to understand how this all works. Your token acts as a vote of approval.
The deadline to deliver the download, is 60 days after the crowdfund has ended.
In case of questions please go to the bitcointalk forum


twitter: @rocketclock1

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